If we are not careful we can ignore the mercy and miracle of this time and begin to think of it as just another day, similar to the controversy over the occurrence of Holocaust. Remember once Israel left Egypt and saw that they would not have their daily portion of usual foods; they were ready to turn around and go back to Egypt for the leeks and onions. 


We decide who our leader will be and we are influenced by that leader’s ways, thoughts and deeds. Not only us, but our earthly leaders are led by one of two spiritual leaders, God or Satan, as lord and master. That is why it is so important that we individually become acquainted with the voice and ways of God.

The Leadership Dilemma of This Hour: An Explanation for 2020 – Part 2

I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me… Isa 45:5  January 14, 2021 This is Part Two of my last article and I believe it will give more clarity to the events we are now experiencing. I am writing because the church is living far beneath its privileges,Continue reading “The Leadership Dilemma of This Hour: An Explanation for 2020 – Part 2”

The Leadership Dilemma of This Hour: An Explanation for 2020 – Part 1

Our nation cannot continue to ignore the need for spiritual guidance from God and expect to have continued success. The whole bible witnesses this fact. God is long suffering but He is also a God of judgment.

The Spirit of the Land: Truth or Lies

This Christmas season, at its core, represents the battle between truth and the lie. Jesus Christ, the Truth in bodily form, came to earth during this season to destroy the destructive work of the lie that had contaminated mankind.