March 23, 2023

Everyone should be appalled at the displayed lawlessness of the nation of America and especially its own citizens.  Newspaper articles today about the Republican congressmen sending a letter to the Manhattan prosecutor overseeing the lawbreaking deeds of the former president and demanding all the prosecutor’s paperwork before charging, is insane. Read the article here.  Those of us who have been following the story, know that this is another effort to subvert the justice to which every American citizen is subjected and prove the prerogatives of the powerful. Any American citizen not threatened by those actions is asleep (please read my last article). 

At the base of this action is the racial prejudice that the white former highest office holder of the nation and supporting white religious leaders tried to enforce upon nonwhite citizens in their efforts to establish a white nation.  America has tried to say through many voices that: “We are better than this”.  The truth is: No, America, you are not better than that.  That is who you have always been, but we still had hope.

The nation aspired to project better values but could never overcome its original sin of genocide and enslavement of other races of people at its inception to provide comfort for itself.  We often hear someone say: “He said the quiet part out loud.”  American racism that started out loud and outrageous at its inception with murdering of the Indigenous people of the land and importing slaves to do the manual labor for the colonists, went silent for a period as white Americans tried to obtain Christian values.  But the Christian values and laws that white people had embraced would later convict their conscious to the point where they only spoke quietly their racial prejudice with one another. 

God being a just God and raising up non-white people to the level of His purpose for all people now so enraged them to the point where their uncontained racism forced blatant actions by the leaders over the nation because they could no longer keep quiet their prejudice against nonwhites. The overthrow of their white presidential leader who capsulated their long-planned dominion rule over the nation was more than they could withstand.  Therefore, their actions have become more open to blatant lawlessness every day in an effort to have their way by any means necessary.  One might not recognize their motive through many types of subterfuge if one did not remember that at the core of all their actions is their desire for white nationalism.

The GOP letter sent to the New York District Attorney prosecuting one aspect of the many visible crimes committed by their former white presidential leader has so inflamed them until they no longer seek to hide their blatant lawless acts.  The fact that those who have taken an oath of office to write and protect the law of the land are now uniting to break the law of the land should inflame every lawful American whether white or non-white.  The fact that these lawmakers call themselves Christians and are supported and led by their Christian church leaders is a deal breaker.  The only barriers that has kept our nation from running naked through the tulips are the values of Christian faith as the foundation of our legal system and the laws derived from them.

Our nation now professing to be in the post-Christian era and has placed many so called Christian political leaders in the highest offices of the land to enforce “Christian” values is a threat to all American citizens because their values do not reflect the value system of the Christ they say they serve. 

Christ was not a lawbreaker.  Even when being arrested unlawfully, He demanded that His supporter, Peter, put up his sword and Christ went on to heal and restore the wounded soldier (Lk. 22:50) before submitting to His jailors.  Christ showed love for all people, even the Samaritan woman at the well for whom the law forbade His interaction (John 4). Christ obeyed a higher law than that of the land; He obeyed the law of God and His love for all people.

It would not be difficult to look at any one of these new Republican positions and see that their claim to Christianity is false.  For instance, Jesus never forced any person to live holy by outlawing all their behavior of sin.  Jesus instead came to deliver people from the “Law of sin and Death” by taking the penalty for sin upon Himself.  When the woman caught in the act of the sin of adultery was brought before Him, the Ultimate Law Enforcer, He chose to let her go in peace promising not to sin anymore rather than punishing her for her crime (Jo. 8:3). Jesus was aware that the motive behind the accusation of these men was one of prejudice.  Christian acts of righteousness is not what is being displayed by these lawmakers who claim to be Christian.  I personally see little of Christ in them and wonder how their Christian church leaders could support such blatant wickedness as they display every single day.  If church morality is depleted in our nation, what hope have we of any justice in the nation?    If we have no hope in our Christian outrage, what hope do we have in law?

When the biblical nation of Israel’s church and state became lawless, God raised up judges to enforce righteous rule.  In our day, even the judges have been set up by “Christian” leaders who have established lawlessness in the land and seek to rule by their own mind and moral senses.  There is little hope of the wicked correcting the wicked.

We are at a dangerous place, America.  Without the law of man and God, we are a heathen people ruling by our instincts and every man is his own law.  Surely the True Lawmaker will prevail in the end but who wants to live in a lawless state until then?  We, as individual American citizens and Christian believers, have a duty to God and man to support reasonable laws; and if each man pleases himself as is being done by these Republican leaders, we are in a desperate state.  All that is needed for wickedness to rule is good men doing nothing.  To know what happens next if we continue this path, read the bible story of Babylon the Great in the 18th Chapter of the Book of Revelations. May God deliver us from ourselves!


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