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June 5, 2022 Message


(Pentecost Sunday)

For he established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children…Psa 78:5 

Hello and Praise the Lord to all of God’s children. This is Apostle Joyce Payne coming to bring Truth and Life to the listening audience through the Word of God.  I know there are a lot of people today that are hurting in many ways from loss of possessions through disaster and loss of family members through sickness and disease, but God is your help and you can lend and depend on the Lord.

The Spirit of God reminded me of something the other morning as I arose from sleep.  It was about my born again experience and through it there was a message that I want to share.  I have told this story before but I want to tell it again to bring encouragement to people who need it.  This is how I got born again.  God had led me to return to my home town, to church, and to the altar where I expressed a desire to join the church to my own surprise.  I was told to go to the prayer service and seek the Holy Spirit, which I obeyed.  As I was driving home from a prayer meeting that I had been attending for weeks, I felt discouraged that I had not received the Holy Spirit yet, so I asked God why I hadn’t received the Holy Spirit.  Then I said, “I know what I will do.  When I get home, I’m going to get back on my knees. 

I went home and got down on my knees on the bare, cold kitchen floor over a chair and my knees had barely hit the floor before there was an overflow of strange sounding words coming out of my mouth.  It was approximately 9 pm and dark outside but I got up and walked down the street to my mother’s house about a block away with words still flowing out of my mouth.  I knocked on the door and my mother said: Who is it?”  I answered: “it’s me, Momma” but she didn’t understand me because I was still speaking in tongues.  She opened the door and let me in asking: “What is it, what is wrong, what happened?”  She must have caught on because she sat me down and sat with me as I continued flowing in tongues.  I never answered her that night as I continued sitting there flowing in tongues.  She finally put me to bed with words still softly flowing out of my mouth.  I awoke the next morning and we were rejoicing together.  She called my older sister who came over and we all were rejoicing over the wonder of the prodigal child getting saved.  We continued rejoicing on one end of the house when on the other end of the house the devil woke up an outcry against me demanding to know who was making so much noise and went on fussing, disgruntled while approaching me.  My mother and sister surrounded me and rebuked the danger that rose up to threaten me. 

The message that God gave me through this reminder is . . .

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