Time For A Black Political Party?

Time For A Black Political Party?

January 19, 2022

America should learn from the history of other nations and not fall into their same trap. In a time of weakness, many past nations have fallen from their turmoil within and without.  America is now at a time of weakness because she is divided.  How much more can she stand with such divisiveness in her borders? Some of the nation’s leaders have questionable loyalty and they seem to be betting on its downfall.  Holy Scripture insists that a house divided cannot stand and we should take that under serious advisement.

Many of the nation’s problems for centuries have been a problem of white people claiming and projecting racial supremacy over black people.  We have always known it and it has fully uncloaked itself in this decade.  If we must have a contest between blacks and whites, why not just form a black political party and let us compete on the merits rather than continue to hide the real problem behind political strategies and token gestures?  We have had white presidents in the past who tried to appease black people’s demands by granting token legislation or decrees but they have gotten mostly temporary results while the hearts of white people have begrudged the measure and planned backlash to return to the status quo. Racial issues have always been a very serious problem in America. Here is a quote from the last public message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his “‘I’ve Been to the Mountaintop’ speech” on April 3, 1968:  “…in the human rights revolution, if something isn’t done, and done in a hurry, to bring the colored peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty, their long years of hurt and neglect, the whole world is doomed.”  It is pretty clear that in poverty, hurt and neglect is where the Republican Party wants to keep all black people.  It is also pretty clear that democrats are shaky and not too sure they want to appear at the dance with black people.

We cannot deal with the major issues of black people as if they were side issues of little concern.   The questions we are dealing with are ones concerning who is the more superior and perhaps more capable of leading: white or black people. Whites are unlikely to ever change their mind about feeling superior to black people because they have not done so for over 400 years and even their most favored Christian ministers supported Trump’s racist campaign for president.  If they cannot put that issue to rest, it is their right to believe whatever they want; however, their stagnation should not hinder black progress.  The future of the population of black people should not be stunted by white failure to make adjustments to the truth.  They prove themselves unfit to lead by their lying and racial prejudice in a nation that promises equality for all.

A black political party would allow black candidates to run for every office at every level rather than having to support white candidates who are not representative of their interests.  Other ethnic groups have always had the opportunity to vote their conscious and can continue to do so or run their own candidates. White people seem more willing to accept other ethnic groups in leadership rather than blacks.  If we settle an obvious problem of opportunities for black representation at every level; then not only will we have more blacks serving the needs of blacks, but black people will have less dissatisfaction because their voice will be heard and responded to. Blacks cannot and must not continue begging for rights, the vote or acting like second class citizens. Full citizenship provides full rights for all citizens and black people must step up to the table and get their portion.

We are all observing the unapologetic bias of white Republicans to block black progress while still hailing themselves as Christ-loving Christians. I appeal to them to query their own conscious. They cannot have it both ways.  They are not being shy about their intentions against black people and blacks should not lie down and be satisfied or unresponsive to their abusive power and neglect of the nation’s laws.  Surely the peril of our nation today is God’s response to a nation that insists on calling wrong right and lies the truth.  Black people are full citizens of America, and it is time that they stand up in that power, select black representation in their own political party and move forward.  This is perhaps the best time to use it for the ’22 and 24 elections. Wisemen deal with their weaknesses early because the next battle is around the corner. The unwise linger in weakness like Samson teasing Delilah until someone comes and cuts their hair/strength. We do have the right and black people ought to fix the problems that are fixable. As long as there is a God, there is always another option and people of faith are always looking for God’s way to lead them out of bondage and into truth and life.


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