A Day for Thankfulness

A Day for Thankfulness

A day to stop and think on all the goodness we’ve been blessed to have
The memory of things past and the joy of things that are
It could have been different and it could have been worst
But thankfulness recognizes the grace of this moment.

Grace recognizes that God has worked it all out in His time
Blessed to have known joy and peace, experienced love and some pain
To have shared with friends and known protection from foes
God has brought us through it all still with the presence of mind to be thankful.

Our past is a window to look through to see all that occurred
It was not all good; it was not all bad
God tempered it so that we could bear it; but when we look back at it all,
We realize that we survived it all and we are thankful.

He never promised that it would be easy
Just that He would be present with us
Like the poem of the Savior carrying us through the storm
We realize that we were never alone.

Life is full of hope and opportunities
And though we go sometimes from sunshine to shadows
The knowledge of someone who shares and cares
Makes life worth living.

We are stronger; we are wiser; we are more caring
Because we went through
And because we went through,
We can help someone else going through the struggles.

We see them; we reach down to give them a hand
Because we remember when we walked through that same path
Someone was with us
And we are Thankful!

by joyce r payne


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